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Re: Dr. Kamen equine chiropractic seminar

I have been doing body work and "alignment body work" chiropractics for the
past 8 years.  I had apprenticed with a man that had done people for 25
years and then went into horses exclusively.  I had the priveledge of
attending Dr. Kamens class a few months ago.  The investment is well worth
it.  He even goes , briefly, over the legalities of chiropractics and what
is being done to improve our positions in the industry.    He kept us
laughing and learning the entire weekend.  I was really worried that after
working on horses most of the day and driving 2 hrs to his first lecture.
 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm) I wouldnt be able to stay awake.  He provided an
interesting lecture with tons of information.  A background in
anatomy/physiology helps a lot.  You may find yourself a little baffled and
frustrated.  Some of the students did.  A few left the course mid day the
next day.  Try to stick it out.  He has some great information and a fun
hands on class the second day.  All eight hours of it!!  :Your brain will be
fryed and your body will probably be sore just stick it out.  I was lucky,
I already knew most of what he was teaching, however I really liked some of
the moves that he did as compared to the way I had learned.  One can never
stop learning.   When I feel I know it all then I might as well just hang it
up and take up rock climbing or something. :)))  Have fun gesa n clovis
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Date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 7:49 PM
Subject: RC: Dr. Kamen equine chiropractic seminar

>I am considering attending this in Portland Nov 15 & 16.  Has anyone out
there attended one? If so , did you think it was worthwhile? If I decide to
go someone to go along would be nice. I live in sw oregon. Also, does anyone
know what is required to work on other people's horses in this state?
Thanks, Karen
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