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Re: RE: Re: red maple / now OAK

Last year on the Manzanita ride my mule ate oak leaves all night long.
About picked the entire (huge) branch clean.  I didnt know about the toxic
affect of oak leaves and rode her on the hundred.  By 50 miles out she had a
terrible tummy ache.  I told the vet what she had done and he told me she
had Oak toxicosis.  It scared the hell out of me.  The drugs he gave her
just wouldnt hardly work.  A few hours later when we arrived back at camp
she seemed to feel better.  I was so worried that she would founder or
something.  She was fine.  She gets everything under the sun to eat, bermuda
grass, forage mix, a small amount of alfalfa, cob mix, Dynamite vits,
carrots .  Why ever in the world she chose to eat that tree is beyond me.
She didnt learn her lesson either.  The next oak she saw , she tried to eat.
Some times I think my mule was robbed of oxygen at birth and is mildly
retarded!!  Anyone know why Clovis wants to eat oaks???
                gesa n clovis
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Date: Thursday, October 28, 1999 9:04 AM
Subject: RC: RE: Re: red maple / now OAK

><snip> horses are
>rarely affected (likely due to a unwillingness to consume oak).
>PREVENTION: Oak toxicosis is easily preventable with proper livestock and
>pasture management. Animals tend to eat oak only out of necessity,
>therefore by providing adequate and nutritious feed in the spring when the
>oak leaves bud out and again in the fall when leaves and acorns drop, the
>incidence of toxicosis should be minimized or eliminated.
>My well-fed gelding thinks that acorns are candy...much more appetizing
>hay or grass.  He doesn't have access to a whole lot of them (trees are on
>the adjoining property), but while they last he's in heaven.
>Cindy Eyler
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