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Howdy All!!
Oh boy, for those planning any kind of trip to the
Oregon coast anytime soon, DON'T!! We are having a
lovely Southwesterly storm right now! steady winds of
50-60 mph, nothing bad at all, just a typical winter
Although, the horses, even after almost their whole
lives here, are like me! 
We're tired of all the rain! We got snow here for a
week and a half last year, during the winter, and went
riding everyday. They did soooo much better! We warmed
up really well before hand, and their health and
performance was at almost top peak considering it was
winter. With the wind and rain blowing into our faces,
its rather difficult to go riding, especially during
hunting season. Oh boy do I love the covered arena for
days like this! :) 
Well, yesterday afternoon (tuesday) I just lunged
thunder and we did a lot of work in the field. I rode
bareback. He did just fine. We kept up a nice relaxed
trot, and sam got excersice as well, trotting right
behind us. Hopefully the storm will let up some time
by friday or saturday so i can go for a Real Ride! :)
Okay, here's another of my questions. I've heard
everyone refer to sooo many different kinds of
saddles. Some I am familiar with, have seen and tried
are the Abetta, OF, and McClellan. A lot of our
friends have varieties of saddles for all the
different sized horses they have.
What kinds of saddles does everyone use? Style,
synthetic, leather? I'm trying to figure out a style
that might work better for thunder. I'm not so sure
the western is my best bet, atleast not with the horn,
it really hurts getting jammed into my gut sometimes

I'll let ya'll go, take care, Happy Trails!
and Thunder
my favorite quote, think on it:
"An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to
fix it."   -Author Uknown

Happy Trails all, and remember, " finish is to win."
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