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laying down

As to the horse that doesn't lay down to sleep;   it is very likely the mare
does lay down, you just aren't there at the right time.  We had an "alpha"
mare that was only seen down once in many years, but she had grass stains,
straw or mud on her that showed she did sleep down sometimes.  Many horses
sleep down  sometime between midnight and daylight, so unless you spend a
lot of time checking at night you will never get to see them down.

As to falling asleep on their feet I have one who does that sometimes when
tied to the trailer at a ride,  more often after a ride, but sometimes
before.  Has only done it in the last couple of years as far as I know.
Have not seen her do it at home, but I can't see her all the time so don't
know for sure.  Is weird to watch eyes droop and knees fold and nearly go
down, then come alert and upright, maybe more than once in a few minutes,
but doesn't seen to  have any significance as to health.  She does sleep
down often at home, day time or nights.   Maybe she wants to sleep but not
comfortable laying down in a strange place????       Strange but so far
seems harmless.   Any one else with ideas?

Dot Wiggins

FN:Dot Wiggins
ADR;HOME:;;PO box 95;Midvale;Idaho;83645;USA

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