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Does Not Lie Down

I have a horse, alpha mare, that will not lie down.  She roles like a 
'normal' horse, after sweaty rides but will not lay down to rest.  I watch 
her fall asleep on her feet and stumbly to her knees repeatedly but will not 
lie down.  Does anyone else have a horse with this type of behavior??  She 
does have fibroid myoptomy (sp) from an old, deep cut on her upper hind 
quarters.  This does not seem to effect her performance, although she has a 
odd trot.  I have had two vet look at her and both think she is fit for 
endurance but will always trot 'funny' from the scare tissue.  Neither vet 
really had an option on why she does not lie down but did not seem 
concerned.  I was just watching her again falling asleep and stumbling to 
her knees and thought 'just lie down you silly mare!'

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