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Re: CTR: saddle site

In a message dated 10/25/99 1:38:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< I know everyone is trying all these fancy, high priced saddles, but I need
 the web page for the abetta saddles.  If anyone knows what it is, let me
 know >>

Interesting that you mention an Abetta endurance saddle.  At the CC ride this 
weekend a heavyweight rider had his saddle kind of break in half on him 
before the second P&R.(I'm pretty sure it was an Abetta -- looked just like 
one anyway). He's ridden in this saddle for quite a while, but it wasn't THAT 
old and he's not THAT much of a heavyweight :)  Ride management's husband 
(Henry Logan) drove home, picked up his saddle and met the rider before the  
3rd P&R with a new saddle.  Dave (oops, the rider) rode the rest of the ride 
and completed in that saddle (a reallllly old Stuben).  Bottom line, if this 
is typical quality of an Abetta, I think I'd pay the extra bucks for a saddle 
that can stand up to some use.  Sometimes if you shop for used ones, you can 
find some pretty good deals.  I'd rather have an old well-made saddle than a 
new cheaply made one.  Hope this doesn't offend any  Abetta owners out there!

Sylvia (still tired, howcome you can only have 6 Advil a day????? -- I know, 
I know, the liver thing --sigh)

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