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How do I start this?  Maybe HELP! will work!

The Cuesta to Sespe Trail needs some definitive assistance right now.
The value in this is that it will secure a network of trails throughout
the Los Padres National Forest for future use, it will help us to get
and keep future endurance and competitive rides in the region and it
could help us to achieve some multi-day rides.

What is needed now is the following:

1) Please make contact with Charlie Willard, Trails Program Manager for
the California Trails Plan - State of California Department of Parks and
Recreation, and simply show support and desire to have the Cuesta/Sespe
Trail network as a part of the California Trails Plan

He can be reached at 916-653-8803, fax 916-653-4458, email:  and mail at Department of Parks and Recreation, PO
Box 942896, Sacramento, CA 94296-0001.
Charlie Willard.

If you could just say that you want to see the Cuesta to Sespe Trail
included in the State Plan, that it has many multi-use components, that
it is essentially already in place, and identify the types of recreation
that you do or groups that you belong to, that will assist them in the
current "in house" review.

Emailing and writing both would be a help.

2) Take the additional time to discuss this with others on the internet
and those without. Take the time to get one more person to do the same.
I can't do it all alone, the Pacific Coast LongRiders alone can't do it,
AERC can't do it.  It will only work if you all will take a little bit
more time to recruit another person to help as well.

The Cuesta to Sespe Trail stretches almost 200 miles from San Luis
Obispo to Ventura in Southern California. It is entirely within the Los
Padres National Forest and is rideable and campable today. You can find
some information on it at
SLOPOST and the Pacific Coast Longriders have planned an endurance ride
of 30 and 50 miles on private lands in the area for the spring of 2000.
We won't be able to expand this to new areas or larger events without
widespread support or your input.

We have been saving the old, i.e.. Western States Trail, Old Dominion,
the Pony Express Trail, the De Anza Trail and Outlaw Trail. We also need
to save the NEW.

3) We can use financial support right now to assist us in the purchase
of 300 acres of the trail that we are in escrow on. We have put a down
payment (bought the option) for half of the amount and need to raise the
balance within 6 months. This is for 1 and 1/2 miles of riparian trail
that is beautiful. Please send checks for any amount (even $1 would
help) to the non-profit SLOPOST - Cuesta Sespe Trail, PO Box 86, Arroyo
Grande, CA, 93421. This is a 501(c)(3) organization so your donations
are tax deductible.

Steve Shaw

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