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Re: RC: GiWaNi Pony Boy Relationship Training Seminar

GiWaNi is awesome, you are very right.  He makes it all make sense, for the 
children.  My 8 (oh my 9 tomorrow ... yikes) year old son, who just started 
competing this year loved his talks.  We seen him in KY at the Equitana USA 
Christopher (my son) literally talked about him ALL DAY LONG.

So I agree that if you get the chance to see and talk with Pony Boy or read 
his book GO FOR IT.  I have all three, the one is called "Time Well Spent," 
which is basically a journal type thing for you to write in.  The other one 
called "Out of the Saddle," is a kids version of "Horse follow closely."  My 
son has read Out of the Saddle and he enjoyed it.  Great Christmas gifts for 
them JR. riders.  (yikes Christmas)

Happy Trails all.

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