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mustang post

I just read the post about the 19k Mustang. I realize the gentleman just 
bought horse that he has always wanted for a high price. The part that 
really brought the tears to my eyes was he watched the filly for an hour.  I 
am in awe of a man who purchased his dream no matter what the price was. I 
can imagine that is going to be one wonderful friendship between a man and 
his horse. I can only imagine the fear she may feel right now. But to be the 
one to capture her heart will have to be the biggest dream he has ever 
known. It has renewed a faith for me that If we wait so patiently it will 
come. I pray the best for that bond with her and that man.
Carla (red eyed heading to work)
Baru (mom?? whats with the sniffles?)
Haley (allergies again mom?)
Rob (sappy women sheeesh)

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