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Fwd: EuroEnduro: Horse has forgot how to canter

>From: "Tamara Habberley" <>
>Reply-To: "Tamara Habberley" <>
>Subject: EuroEnduro: Horse has forgot how to canter
>Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 18:39:00 GMT
>This may seem a bizzarre query, but has anyone experienced a horse
>forgetting how to do a pace correctly?
>When Brychen ahd his saddle fitted yesterday he went brilliantly in walk 
>was very round , submissive and powerful in trot ( translates as polite keg
>of powder!). canter however was a serious of bunny hops with the forehand
>coming right up and down, a bit like a rabbit or maybe a rocking horse. 
>comfy but nothing from behind excpet for odd bucking fit.
>This played on my mind all day today, so I lunged him ( without sadle )
>tonight. As its a full moon I could see a bit of what was going on.  Walk
>and trot very nice , rythmec etc. Canter well weird. the front legs moved 
>normal but the back legs skipped together , so in effect the inside hind 
>was only slightly in front of the outside hind leg as the legs picked up.
>Very hard to explain Im afraid. he did exactly the same either rein.  When 
>first had him he used to do this as he didnt know how to move correctly as
>his stifles locked so he had a funny little pace of his own! Im hoping this
>is a reversion back to his pretrained pace.  Any other sugestions?
>I have the black smith coming tomorrow, and the vets doing his flue /tet
>this week so will probably get them to chekc him
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