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RE: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

Title: RE: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???


I think that the problem is vocabulary here...  Collection and extension are very different - I'm not sure if you can be truly collected AND extend...  My dressage lessons never explored that possibility & made it seem mutually exclusive.  Any comments on this?

I suspect that you are trying to ask about self-carriage.  From a collected trot to working trot to extended trot to "Road Trot" (your "a**-kicking gait", in my husband's horse - around 20 mph), the horse should work by driving from his rear. and his back should be rounded up under you.  As a horse gets into a bigger trot, the head <may> rise a little.  At the road trot, I usually see the neck extend, perhaps a bit of head motion side to side if the stride is really big, just from the thrust of the shoulders.  It is extremely smooth when Major hits this gait, too.  We usually sit in a balanced position & try to stay out of his way.  (If we don't, he shoots dirty looks at us!)

Ask your trainer to watch you at these different gaits & see if the horse is engaging his rear end & traveling with a round back.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch

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Subject: RC: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

Kerry Dykes

So tell me, what do you all expect and look for at the higher speeds -- do you still expect "collection" at that flat-out

a**-kicking gait -- and if so, how on earth do you manage it!?

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