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High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

Kerry Dykes
Ok, I've followed the posts on high-headedness and will expose
my ignorance (not the first time!).  I've worked on collection
among other things with my trainer for the past year..

Although Spiritism goes into it beautifully, it seems to only
work for us at the slower speeds - walk, jog, slow trot.  Once
we start the extended trot (and he has 3 distinct speeds of
extension) it changes.  At level 1 there is a tendency to
elevate his head a bit, and most likely hollow his back some,
although his nose is always down.  This ride is "springy" and
posted.  At level 2, the nose begins to stretch out and neck
becomes more horizontal, ride is best 2-pointed.  The last is a
flat out run at a trot, everything is horizontal, stretched out,
and the gait is actually very smooth.

My observations have been that to try and keep him "collected"
impedes his speed - he can't reach and move out like he needs to
get the ground covered.  My trainer has no experience in
endurance, (he actually refers to Spirit's brisk collected trot as "extended")- so he can't help with this question.

So tell me, what do you all expect and look for at the higher speeds -- do you still expect "collection" at that flat-out
a**-kicking gait -- and if so, how on earth do you manage it!?  Oh yeah, also to compound the issue I switched him from a
snaffle to a sidepull about a month ago which raised his head
some, although we're working on it and it's returning to
"normal" ............

and Spiritism (..we're going to a ride this weekend?  Yippee!!!)
and Lefty (please, please don't leave me home alone again..)


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