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Re: getting rid of red ants

We poor diazanon granules (not powder) into every hole we find.  We do this
about once a week or so.  The horses totally ignore the stuff, my pig and
chickens check it out and then ignore it too.  I was told that an animal has
to injest several pounds of it before it will even begin to make them ill.
We fill the holes completely so that the little buggers have to move it to
get in and out . We tried to follow the instructions on the can but it
worked better just dumping it into the hole and making them move it.  You
will find a lot of little dead ant bodies in a day or so.         gesa n
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Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 4:39 PM
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>hi everyone!!  I am trying- pray for me!!  to purchase a boarding stable
>with 16 acres, and a 15 stall barn.  Just waiting on the bank!!
>Anyway- a few questions for the experts!
>1. How do you get rid of red ant piles in the pastures without poisoning
>the horses?  Ants are awful in Florida!!
>2. Can anyone give me some ideas that have worked for them- tips on
>boarding, training, turn out- anything that has been learned the hard way?
>3.  Any suggestions for names?
>Thank you guys- wish me luck!!
>meeks zoo
>Faith - blue and gold macaw
>Sunny- sun conure
>3 dogs
>3 cats
>Lyra- my pride and joy- Arab mare
>Yanni -i am only 32 inches tall, but i AM A STALLION!! (not)
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