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Re: RC: Icelandics for endurance

In a message dated 10/24/99 7:58:06 AM, susan jaeger 

<< Does anyone know what gait John Parkes rides Remington at on rides?  Does 
he mostly tolt, trot or alternate?  At about what speeds? >>

With close to 4,000 AERC miles, Remington has developed an efficient 
daisyclipper trot as his favored gait.  We also do a fair amount of cantering 
and walking depending on the terrain.  Remington has a flashy tolt but will 
only do it for a rider experienced enough with Icelandics to use his or her 
seat (and not the reins) to bring out the tolt.  My other Icelandic endurance 
horse, Skjoldur, will tolt for anybody.  Since this is an energy intensive 
gait I won't use it at endurance rides unless I'm bored and want to fool 
around for awhile.  Remington will sometimes switch into tolt on his own on 
slight uphill grades on multi-days or on the flats in the last ten miles or 
so of 100 mile rides, probably because he is tired of trotting.

John Parke
Solvang CA  

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