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Fort Shellborne results as per EN

Mike Maul
In response to:

Question:  Can anyone explain the finishing times?  Each day's fastest time
is reported as over 12 hours and some of the final completing times are in
the 18 or 19 hour range.

I talked by e-mail with Ann Nicholson(RM) when the results showed up
in the database we post. Her answer was that the finishing times were
reported in 24 hour time instead of the ride times w/o the holds.
So 17:11 would mean that the rider finished at 5:11 PM but w/o the
starting time and holds - you don't know the ride time.

She has contacted the AREC office and hopefully everything will
be reprinted correctly in the next issue.

Now if I had just said - they have some really tough rides in NV -
and are multi-sport events - including fishing - sort of like the
3 day eventers - it would have been more fun...

W/CT Regions

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