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Re: RC: Why you shouldn't be afraid of Egypt soapbox

I did not take offense to Maryanne's post, just pointing out
there is some safe places in the US too. Didn't you see my pun
the weather and the smiley face? I did not think that I was
nasty at all.


owens wrote:
> Dear Lynette, Maryanne et al.;
> I don't take offense at Maryanne's post. I didn't take it as sterotyping
> the US.   I think it is interesting how things are different all over
> the world.  I'm lucky enuf to live in a small town environment, too.
> BTW, the press loves to exagerate.  They would have nothing to report if
> they only told the whole truth and the whole story.  They can do lots of
> damage.  A long time ago I lived in Santa Cruz.  Every several years
> schools of small fish, anchovies or something, would swim en masse up
> into the harbor and die.  It smelled like dead fish for a week or so,
> then went away.  The media reported this event(must have been a slow
> news time), and kept on about it. People thought the whole town stunk to
> high heaven and stayed away. Quietest summer I ever remember!  Finally,
> a man who owned a large restaurant right on the wharf called in the
> television cameras and showed the folks dining on the patio, interviewed
> them, and proved the smell was gone, it was safe to return.   The whole
> town suffered a huge loss in revenue that summer...difficult when a town
> relies on its seasonal tourist business to sustain itself year round.
> Katee
> >
> > It goes both ways. You made it sound as if the US was a scary
> > and
> > terrible place to live. Well there are places in the US that are
> > just as safe as where you live. We live in rural northern ND,
> > and
> > are lives are not any different then yours. Except we may get a
> > little
> > cooler then you. ;-) So don't stereotype the US because of the
> > rate
> > of crime within some of the major cities.
> >
> > Lynette
> >
> > Maryanne Stroud Gabbani wrote:
> > >
> > > Apologies for the post about safety in the Middle East yesterday. I realise
> > > it's not really endurance related unless you want to come here to ride or
> > > buy horses or something. <G>  But I've lived in my adopted country for over
> > > 12 years now and I do go bonkers when I see the damage that the press does
> > > to people's understanding of life outside of North America. I grew up in the
> > > US, and always accepted the conventional wisdom of the "free press" etc.,
> > > but after living outside the US for about 25 years I see that it is also
> > > free to perpetuate a lot of circulation-enhancing myths, and one result is
> > > that many Americans have become so fearful of foreign places.  I hate to see
> > > people who love Arab horses be afraid of Arab people.
> > >
> > > Off the soapbox now,
> > > Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
> > > Cairo, Egypt
> > >
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