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Why you shouldn't be afraid of Egypt soapbox

Apologies for the post about safety in the Middle East yesterday. I realise
it's not really endurance related unless you want to come here to ride or
buy horses or something. <G>  But I've lived in my adopted country for over
12 years now and I do go bonkers when I see the damage that the press does
to people's understanding of life outside of North America. I grew up in the
US, and always accepted the conventional wisdom of the "free press" etc.,
but after living outside the US for about 25 years I see that it is also
free to perpetuate a lot of circulation-enhancing myths, and one result is
that many Americans have become so fearful of foreign places.  I hate to see
people who love Arab horses be afraid of Arab people.

Off the soapbox now,
Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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