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Re: Unidentified subject!

Hi, Carla,
My guess is that you probably can't correct it with a bit or with your Y
fork.  I have 3 arabs:  2 tuck their heads and one (Fox) sticks his nose in
the air.  The worry (among many) I have with Fox is that he is the kind to
lay his head back in your lap if you pull too hard on the reins (I ride in a
sidepull).  Some of the riding instructors can tell you better, but I think
you correct it by driving them forward so they use their rear ends.  I plan
to find a T-touch person to work on Fox (and show me how) and to do a lot of
hill work to build up his rear.  But, I guess it could be common to some
arabs.  I still wonder if it doesn't somehow relate to the way he uses his
back or those muscles in their neck, I forget the name.  The other 2 are
very loose and free in their movements.  Good luck.
N. Ca

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> Well I thought I may have to post this sometime or other and I am sure
> I am going to get a blooming million posts on this one.
> Situation.... I am honestly heavy handed with reins. I hate to admit that
> am a nightmare on a horses mouth. I am not sure If it is a security issue
> what. but I can't feel..... as some would say the horses mouth. I believe
> would stem from showing showring horses. with Double bridles and the long
> shanks. I know it toughned the mouths quite a bit. SO I honestly believe I
> would be better riding with a sidepull and then graduate to a hackmore.
> Because of my punishing hands I am haveing a problem with Barus Nose in
> air. I believe this is a bit typical of arabs. correct me here If I am
> wrong. I have been dreaming of owning one Now that I do I am beginning to
> wish I had purchased something that would have the head down or more
> in. Baru wants her nose UP when she runs trots or anything. I have and
> use a Y fork that  connects from the girth. then splits and two rings for
> the reins to pass thru. She has pulled so hard against this  that I have
> to replace this 3x. Should have dawned on me that I have a problem. I am
> using a full cheek snaffle. I have used a Billy Allen bit(snaffle with
> covered roller has a 4inch shank and curb chain) as well with the fork.
> still wants to get the nose in the air. I would let her if It wasn't for
> thing She don't look where she is going.I also need some advice on how to
> attach a umbrella to her bridle to prevent drowning if we ever get some
> here.
> Carla ( looking at chin gaurds)
> Baru (oh look mom a bird)
> Haley ( oh I see it tooo)
> Rob (Haley watch the trail)
> P.S. I have watched her run in the open and she still carries her head
> Is this typical? Is this a natural way she will carry her head and Should
> interfere?
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