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Re: RC: Re: nutrition in foundered horse

Poking through Susan G's pages, this is what she had to say about
protein (thank you Susan for your wonderful pages!):

"In horses - protein produces 3-6 times the amount of waste heat as do
carbos or fats. In hot climates, increases heat load on animal - during
sustained performance, decreased performance
Excess protein means more urea to be flushed from body
 1) increased water intake, increased urine output
 2) more bedding/labor in stalled animals, increased ammonia fumes to
irritate upper respiratory tract

"Even relatively poor quality alfalfa usually contains 15% protein and
"dairy quality" alfalfa can contain protein levels well over 20%---far
higher than a distance horse either requires or should be eating.
[emphasis is mine]

Also from the alfalfa page:  "Does excess protein directly affect
performance? Almost certainly. Although there are no scientific studies
which specifically examine the effects of an all-alfalfa diet, there is
significant evidence that protein levels above around 10% are a
detriment to endurance-type exercise"
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