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nutrition in foundered horse

Hi Everyone,
this is a question for a friend.  She has a chroincally foundered horse
(TWH 8 yr old gelding)  and is having a hard time finding a good farrier. 
I'm trying to hook her up w/ mine but she dosnt have a trailer to get
there.  Anyway, she spoke to him and he is going to look at her horse but
also told her to change her feed program.  he advised feeding Purina
Stratagy which is 14% protien.  
He said this horse needs much more protien.  he now is on grass hay and
couple handfuls of oats.I dont want to piss my farrier off by asking him
directly his reason for this, since I seem to second guess him a lot and
finally he told me to just shut up and ride and dont worry about  my
horse's shoes... ):

What do you think about this high protien?  I told her from my experience
w/ endurance horses it would be way too much.
Would there be some reason foundered horses need higher protien?

Anita Carlson
S. Georgia

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