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Re: RC: Why you shouldn't be afraid of Egypt soapbox

 Sorry if it sounded that way, because I didn't mean it like that. I
actually grew up in Ojai, California in a house that didn't even have a door
that locked. I know that there are lots of safe places in the US, but it's
amazing how many people won't think twice about going to Miami or various
interesting parts of LA while they will be terrified to travel here. I don't
blame the people; it's the news reporting that really cheeses me off.  Some
people getting shot at a temple in Luxor makes great copy. No one wants to
write about the tens of thousand tourists who come here every year and have
no worse problem than sunburn and a mosquito bite or two...that's boring.
And it really gives the wrong impression.

> It goes both ways. You made it sound as if the US was a scary
> and
> terrible place to live. Well there are places in the US that are
> just as safe as where you live. We live in rural northern ND,
> and
> are lives are not any different then yours.

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