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Re: RC: Unidentified subject!

Boy can I sympathize!!!!  My dressage instructor (many years) told me the same
thing.  Well, I quit dressage (too tough on me) and went trail riding.  I
finally got smart and tried a hackamore (sleister), my horse stopped fighting me
and putting his head in the air (it was an appaloosa)

Then I got an arab. He ran through the hackamore.  By that time I simply got
accustomed to not hanging on a horses' mouth, so tried a kimberwick.  I found it
works great on almost all of my horses.  Even the hard-nosed pullers seem to
tuck nicely and listen better.

My advice is to borrow all sorts of hackamores and bits and try them all.  Each
horse and rider has his own preferences.


robert and carla lawson wrote:

> Well I thought I may have to post this sometime or other and I am sure that
> I am going to get a blooming million posts on this one.
> Situation.... I am honestly heavy handed with reins. I hate to admit that I
> am a nightmare on a horses mouth. I am not sure If it is a security issue or
> what. but I can't feel..... as some would say the horses mouth. I believe it
> would stem from showing showring horses. with Double bridles and the long
> shanks. I know it toughned the mouths quite a bit. SO I honestly believe I
> would be better riding with a sidepull and then graduate to a hackmore.
> Because of my punishing hands I am haveing a problem with Barus Nose in the
> air. I believe this is a bit typical of arabs. correct me here If I am
> wrong. I have been dreaming of owning one Now that I do I am beginning to
> wish I had purchased something that would have the head down or more tucked
> in. Baru wants her nose UP when she runs trots or anything. I have and still
> use a Y fork that  connects from the girth. then splits and two rings for
> the reins to pass thru. She has pulled so hard against this  that I have had
> to replace this 3x. Should have dawned on me that I have a problem. I am
> using a full cheek snaffle. I have used a Billy Allen bit(snaffle with
> covered roller has a 4inch shank and curb chain) as well with the fork. She
> still wants to get the nose in the air. I would let her if It wasn't for one
> thing She don't look where she is going.I also need some advice on how to
> attach a umbrella to her bridle to prevent drowning if we ever get some rain
> here.
> Carla ( looking at chin gaurds)
> Baru (oh look mom a bird)
> Haley ( oh I see it tooo)
> Rob (Haley watch the trail)
> P.S. I have watched her run in the open and she still carries her head high.
> Is this typical? Is this a natural way she will carry her head and Should I
> interfere?
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