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Valarie Kanavy's Horse

If this is the horse that won the Cosequin 60, and it sounds like it is, he is a fabulous horse named Ohadi Las Tradd, from Idaho.  My friend purchased him a year ago pending vet check and extensive tests indicated a suspensory concern.  He finally passed on the horse (yes, he'd paid a deposit and for all the tests -- in response to the earlier thread) -- and Valerie got him.  Well, that really goes to show you that pre-purchase exams are NOT infallible!!!

This is not a green horse, he was a top placer for several years in pacific northwest region 50 mile events with a heavyweight rider, so I'd guess that Valerie probably knows his limits and felt he could handle the speed.   I'll be watching his progress saying ----- "what if"...... darn....


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