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Re: RC: Re: Re: Road riding question

Again, being right, does not save you. Being prepared may...


Maggie Mieske wrote:

> I have heard that there is still a law on the books here in Michigan which
> requires drivers of motorized vehicles to stop and dismantle their vehicle
> when approached by a horse and rider or horse and carriage...if only.....:)
>  I, too, have occasional problems with vehicles blasting past or too close.
>  One in particular likes to slow down (gee, thanks) and then gun it just as
> he passes...his cherry bomb muffler makes wonderful noise.  I know who it
> is, too.  The last time I spewed colorful words and shook my fists at
> him....fortunately he hasn't passed us in a long time but I know where he
> lives and I think if it happens again I may have Nelson come with me and
> politely explain that it's just not polite.  Anybody out there know what
> could be done if we were able to get license plate numbers?  Could we file
> a complaint and at least earn the offending parties a visit by someone in a
> uniform?  Probably sounds trivial to some but if it were a young
> person/child and something happened...heck, if it were ME (I am a young
> person by the way and we won't discuss the "child" part), well.....I'd like
> to think there might be some way to make people think and drive more
> clearly when they see a horse on the road.   I believe I will try the slow
> down signal Betty described and see what happens.
> Maggie
> P.S.  Do you know what YOUR horse's angles and toe lengths are?  Still
> hoping for more responses to my informal survey!!
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> > From: BE <>
> > To: Rhonda K Levinson <>; Ridecamp
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> > Subject: RC:  Re: Road riding question
> > Date: Thursday, October 14, 1999 10:01 PM
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> > Rhonda--
> > What are your state laws regarding horses on roadways?  In Oregon the law
> > states that vehicles must yield or slow for any rider who signals with an
> > outstretched arm (palm down in a "slow down" action).  Surprisingly I've
> had
> > quite good results with that signal.  There are always a few who are
> > apparently unconscious but most do slow when I signal, which I've done a
> lot
> > of this past year as I worked with a young horse very frightened of
> traffic.
> >
> > Betty
> > So. Oregon
> >
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