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Road riding

I think you had each better check your own state in Ohio, horses are
vehicles, subject to the same rules of the road as cars.

So much for John Lyons "Perfect Horse"....he, himself, does NOT know it all.


superpat wrote:

> I was very surprised to read in (I think it was) John Lyons The Perfect
> Horse magazine that with reference to classification for highway use, horses
> are in the same category as pedestrians and thus should travel facing
> traffic. Bicycles on the other hand are considered as vehicles and should
> travel with traffic. So it was with trepidation that I rode facing traffic
> on a much traveled hwy (Hwy 66 in Oregon) when I had to get to my dressage
> lessons while my trailer was being repaired (a story for sometime later on
> the subject of lending your trailer out). Late morning traffic consists of
> logging trucks, construction vehicles as well as the normal run of pickups
> and sedans. I was pleasantly surprised to find that almost to a fault,
> drivers not only slowed but many would drive into the other lane when
> possible.
> Facing traffic, I was able to establish eye contact, and nod a thank you. My
> horse did not seem to be bothered as I had suspected she might be.You might
> give this a try, Rhonda.
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> > Rhonda--
> > What are your state laws regarding horses on roadways?  In Oregon the law
> > states that vehicles must yield or slow for any rider who signals with an
> > outstretched arm (palm down in a "slow down" action).  Surprisingly I've
> had
> > quite good results with that signal.  There are always a few who are
> > apparently unconscious but most do slow when I signal, which I've done a
> lot
> > of this past year as I worked with a young horse very frightened of
> traffic.
> >
> > Betty
> > So. Oregon
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