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Re: RC: Re: Cass at Liberty Run

I didn't write that.  I don't know any of the persons involved here.
Someone else (I forget who now) wrote it TO me.
N. Ca

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> In a message dated 10/14/99 11:52:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << I think Teddy was mean spirited and evil for sending the post she did
>  > ridecamp.
> Teddy didn't say a thing about Rita, she said that Valerie, in her opinion
> was stupid to gallop the last 20 miles.  Agree or disagree that is
> right.  I do think that several people on this ride did the 2 basic no
> let someone else dictate "their" pace and pass up water to keep up or
> And it wasn't just the front three.  International competition isn't for
> everyone, if that is what you are interested in, great!  I joined AERC
> international, have been a member of USET, doesn't mean that I will ever
> any interest in doing an international ride.  Doesn't mean I won't!  I
> been present at 2 world championships, and in my opinion, until they get
> more together, I'm not sure I would be interested.  At Kansas, the
> committee wouldn't make decisions, and then would change things in the
> of the ride.  What was okay one vet check, isn't the next.  It was
> frustrating for me as a crew to put up with.  Angie McGhee can tell her
> tale of woe from international competition.
> Rita is a wonderful person who loves her horse very much, she
>  > would never do anything to hurt him.  Cass is a tough, very well
>  conditioned
>  > and talented horse.  I am positive that Rita rode the horse completely
>  > within his capablilities.  And Rita is right, to make the squad for the
>  > Worlds you must show that your horse is fast, sound and competitive,
>  > does require top three finishes at 100 mile rides.
>  >
> Rita adores her horse.  As does Tom.  Their horse was stood for BC and
> fine when I saw it the next day.  As Rita was walking him.  I think, and
> seen, them stay up with the horse if there is the slightest worry.  When
> got treated at Biltmore, she never left his side.
> Nina and Goat

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