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November AERC International Newsletter

Submitted by Pamela Burton,

	We are still getting feedback from AERC International members regarding the
Pan American Games in August.  We are ecstatic to showcase the winners, but
what of the many team members who worked so hard to get to this event?  What
is it like to be part of the representing squad?  Tony Benedetti,
International Chair, asked for comments from members on what it is like to
ride as a single member in a squad of up to 12.  Cynthia Bell, the only
Southerner chosen to represent the U.S. East Zone,  drove from Florida to
join the otherwise Yankee squad.  She had this to say.
	"I want to share some of the positive experiences that I had at the Pan
American Championship in Canada this year.  It was a great honor to be
chosen as part of the squad of 11 horses to represent USA East.  I think
that opening up the entries to 12 for each time zone (or country) turned out
to be a very positive thing for International riding.  Many more people got
to participate and it made for a very large and competitive field.  Plus, it
gave the Chef D'equipes a better field from which to pick their teams.  All
of the squad, except me, were from the Northeast and Steve Rojek and Patti
Pizzo were the only riders that I knew.  However, it was only a short time
before we were all great friends.  Even though Patti and Steve are World
Class riders, they have always gone out of their way to mentor me and
encourage me to participate at this level.  I was basically the "new kid on
the block", but never felt any less important to the team.  Dr. Ann Stewart
(our team vet) and Dr. Dwight Hooten (the Chef D'equipe) were absolutely
fantastic and paid strict attention to every detail.  We were serious about
winning, but never at the cost of the horses.  They also made sure we had
fun.  I was disappointed not to finish, but everyone on the squad was very
supportive and I enjoyed helping the rest of the riders.
   I would really like to encourage other riders to participate in
International riding.  The rules are not that restrictive and it was a level
playing field…no favoritism.  The quality of the vets was outstanding and
the trail was deceptively challenging.  The ride management made sure that
all the riders were treated like "royalty".  I had a great time at the
PanAm, made lots of new friends (including many Canadians who now have an
open invitation to visit Florida) and learned a lot.  If I get chosen, I
will definitely do it again.

USET Endurance Clinic
 	A second International Endurance Training Session, hosted by the USET, was
held in San Jose on Oct. 1-3.  Long Listed riders are eligible and are
invited to these USET sponsored clinics which feature outstanding
professionals in the field of endurance for preparation in competing in
World events.  The October session at Lightfoot Stables where Becky Hart
trains hosted nine riders from  the Pacific South region.  The three-day
clinic featured  Centered Riding with instructor Mary Fenton,  and the "art
of visualization" and "goal setting"  with Sports Psychologist, Doug
Lietzke. There will be another clinic scheduled for November 5-7 in
Gladstone, N.J.


2000 World Endurance Championship(WEC 2000) - Team Selection Announcement:

  	The selection procedures for the World Endurance Championship to be held
August 27, 2000 in Compiègne, France, are currently  under review by the
appropriate committees. Subject to approval by these committees, the
selection procedures should be available in early December.  You will be
able to request nomination forms in late November by calling Mary Lutz at
the USET phone:  908-234-1251.

USA Volunteer Support Team

Interested in joining the USA Volunteer Support Team traveling to Compiègne,
France for the World Endurance Championships (August 27, 2000)? Please
contact Ellen Betker, 64119 Hunnell Road, Bend OR 97701 . Phone (541)
389-7606 or email:

2001 Pan American Championships:

Are you as a RIDE MANAGER or is your RIDE CLUB exploring the feasibility of
hosting the 2001 Pan American Endurance Championships?  A site search
committee was formed at PAC 1999 consisting of Jerry Gillespie, Mike
Tomlinson, and Tony Benedetti.  Please contact one of these members with any
ideas and/or questions regarding a proposal for 2001 site selection.

If you have items of interest for the International Column, please email
Pamela Burton at
Phone 925-229-9960, Fax:  925-229-9961.  Looking forward!

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