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vaccines, etc

Just a thought, guys... 
    Maybe a horse gets stiff in the hindquarters because the shots were given in the rump?  Then maybe, since he was a bit sore, he might not move around as much as normal.  And might stock up as a result?
    I have given shots in the neck before and the horse was a bit sore for a couple of days and had the same experience with shots in the rump.  Always figured it was like what getting a tetanus shot makes us feel like.  And - some horses are real weenies about pain too.
    Could this be part of the problem? 
    One other quick note - I live with a horse (Boogie) that was given a shot in the vein accidentally that should have been intramuscular (five years ago).  He foundered, rotated, sank and both coffin bones in his front feet dropped right through his soles.  He's pasture sound now but will never be the horse he was before.  Just thought I'd share this so maybe someone else wouldn't have to learn the hard way. 
& Saber (full of prickly pear thorns - what's one more poke?)
in So. Texas on the border

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