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RE: ridecamp-d Digest V99 #1188 writes: so, the risk falls on the buyer, send a check as
a deposit to hold the horse pending a vet check, what is my guarantee that
the check will not be cashed?Is ordering a vetting not enough of a reason to
hold the horse for the buyer paying for it?

This doesn't seem right either.  Perhaps just a simple phone call would have
sufficed.  I don't buy and sell horses every day of my life, but I have sold
a handful of horses.  Seems to me that the potential buyers expense of the
pre-purchase is a pretty good indication that the buyer is serious.  I don't
know very many people who go around shelling out $200-300 for a pre-purchase
on a horse they are only remotely interested in.  However, on the other hand
I have had potential buyers that initially express extreme interest who
flake out in the end.  Generally the horse I have for sale is for sale until
the sale is consummated by a deposit or payment in full.  That is not to say
that I would sell a horse out from under someone who I knew was seriously
interested in the horse.  I would definitely contact the first party who was
interested and let them know that I have a cash buyer and make arrangements
to either consummate the sale or let them know I have an interested party
who will likely purchase the horse.  In turn, I also tell the second
interested party that I currently have someone interested, let me contact
them and get a firm yes or no. Of course, this isn't a long drawn out thing.
I might go to the phone right then.  In my opinion if someone is seriously
interested in the horse waiting a day shouldn't be a big deal.  I think the
key in these situations is communication.  Letting each party know the
circumstances, clarifying, if I do this I feel I have protected myself and
been honest with the original interested party as well as with any other
potential buyer.  I like to be pretty up front about things so that everyone
understands what is happening.  So far so good.  Not to say things always go
my way, but seems to me that I get far more "lookey see's" than serious
buyers.  In my opinion, the pre-purchase is a pretty good indication of a
serious buyer and "I" would have communicated with BOTH interested parties


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