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Date: Thursday, October 14, 1999 11:34 AM
Subject: RC: buying a horse/warning

>so, the risk falls on the buyer, send a check as a deposit
to hold the horse
>pending a vet check, what is my guarantee that the check
will not be
>cashed?Is ordering a vetting not enough of a reason to hold
the horse for the
>buyer paying for it? So anyone can order a vet check while
the seller sells
>to a higher bidder?That is ridiculous!Contract or not, What
happened to
>honesty and simply taking someone at their word? What
happened to doing what
>is right? The norm here is to not trust anyone, lie to make
a buck and never
>mind who gets hurt. Oh and if you don't cross every t and
dot every i,  plan
>on getting stabbed in the back by a fellow ridecamper.
>This is the attitude of at least half of the people who
have e-mailed me

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