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Endurance Weddin'

Hello fellow Ride Campers & Old Friends,

Forgive, forgive, but here it is.... Emily Post ---- roll over girl! Your
first invitation to be invited to a wedding by e mail. For our friends who
haven't heard.... big Cowboy Mark Dial & I are to be married. This is a true
Endurance Wedding as the sport introduced us, nurtured us & is finally
wedding us.

The date is high noon on November 21. Horses required... at least to ride to
the wedding site, which...(Lord willing & the creek don't rise, and we do
know it is perfectly capable of that), will be out on Cypress/Spring Creek.
The reception on the other hand will be an easy trip -- its at the house,
(no horses required).  We are near Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston,
TX... for those who want to fly in.

     If you are coming from out of state & want to camp out at our place for
a couple or three days & continue on to the Lone Star End. Ride in
Bandera....that's ok too.  Mark & I will be leaving on our honeymoon... so
you can watch the house. ;-) & 30 head of horses.  We're going to Brazil guessed it.... ride in an Endurance Race on November 27th.

     Now.. what is required: .... if you would like a "real" mailed out type
of invitation.... with all the other details... please e mail me back with
your snail mail address & I will put you on the official "mail out" wedding
list. OK????  That will have an RSVP on it so we know how many pigs &
possums to cook.  (Just seein' if Ur payin' attention.)

Otherwise... we'll both know you were invited, but just couldn't make
it,.... thus saving me from looking everywhere for your address and mailing
you an invitation you won't be able to use anyway. We'll be looking forward
to hearing from you.... we plan on a great day.

Darolyn & Mark
Cypress Trails Together Forever

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