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Re: RC: Buying a horse/WARNING

Hey please Journeegirl - don't blame endurance people for your bad
experience.  I could go on & on about the people who tell us they are
"definitely" buying our horses, are "definitely" putting checks in the
mail and don't do anything of the sort.  In fact, at this very moment,
we are waiting for a deposit check on 2 horses, and on the basis of this
woman's word - and yes, I specifically asked "are you really buying, are
you really sending money", and yes, purchase agreements were sent -  we
have told another buyer not to buy a plane ticket to come look... and
has there been a check in the mail?  NO!  It's been two weeks, so I
guess not only is the woman not buying the horses, we have also lost the
other buyer.

These horses are not for endurance - my point is that the horse
"trading" business is good & bad on a one to one basis and that there is
no *group* of bad buyers.  Lif

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