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self defense measures if attacked

Since I kind of started some of the self defense thread, I thought I should respond to a recent post. Keep in mind, the measures I had mentioned were if someone had actually grabbed on to you or your horse.

>>Carry one of those throw-away cameras.<<

Great idea, can be used for many reasons, but if someone has jumped out to attack you, I find it hard to believe you will be able to dig out the camera, and say "Can you stop while I take your picture?"

>>Do not EVER let a stranger get within grabbing distance of your horse's head and bridle.<<

This is of course, common sense. But if we are talking a surprise attack, you need to think fast, and protect yourself.

>>If they approach, turn so that you present the flank or
hindquarters to whomever.<<

You need to be sure to be able to watch who ever has you worried. Do not turn you back on them. If you feel the need to turn the horses butt end towards them, then you need to get out of there...leave the area, before it becomes a "situation"

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