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Cell phones (was: Safety from man)

Hi Dyane,
I live in Colorado with deep valleys and Lord knows where those cells are. 
Aparently the phone has to be able to connect with one of the cells
(located at various points in the landscape - mostly mountain tops around
here, I think) and if you're calling another cell phone, they have to be
within range too.  
I carry the cell phone on most rides, and out of curiosity have looked at
the screen here and there to see if there is "service".  Basically you
could be up on a ridge with no reception, or in the bottom of a valley and
able to make a call, and obviously vice versa.  You can be on the phone and
move five feet forward and loose the connection.  It's wierd.  Your friend
can call you from a thousand miles away without dialing the area code, and
you think "cool" until you get the $45 bill for the roaming charges (on
about 5 minutes of calls).  It'll get better after they install more cells
(and more expensive for a while), so until then you're taking your chances
being able to get help with a cell phone in an emergency.
But we were taking our chances before cell phones anyway <g>

Edwards, CO

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