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Buying a horse/I know the seller

My blood pressure is a bit high right now after reading the post...

If you've got something bad to say about someone, tell that person, not
the 1,000 subscribers to ridecamp!!!

I know Jill Matyac from rides here in Ohio and in fact took a friend to
see her horse when I found out he was offered for sale. Since you were
way out of line, I feel obligated to defend Jill. She is an honest
person (and really nice too). Ty is a great horse so I understand why
you were so interested buying him. Anyone one of us here could face a
situation where we have to sell a horse  it's not a situation that is
typical for us and sometimes it's hard to figure out the rules.

You made some really nasty comments about Jill that are completely out
of line. You let your anger overrule your common sense.

I'm defending Jill in public because you made it public.

Communication disasters take two to pull off. Misunderstandings happen.
Work it out or let it go.


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