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Fwd: RC: Buying a horse/WARNING


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In a message dated 10/13/99 11:05:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< So, is this how horse people are in the endurance world?Buying a horse 
 is a time consuming ordeal and when you finally found a horse that you want, 
 think you have a deal only to have the rug pulled out from under you because 
 some  other person offers more money knowing that a deal had been made is so 
 out of line.  I have never had an experience such as this and I have bought 
 many horses over the years!  It seems that Jill and her boyfriend will 
 buyers and make a deal then simply sell to anyone with the higher bid. How 
 unethical are people willing to be?Apparently these two people will stop at 
 nothing for a few more bucks! BE FORWARNED!   >>

I'm sorry to hear of your experience...but the truth is, this is the norm, 
not the exception.  

The unfortunate truth is that just telling a seller that you will buy the 
horse, does NOT close the deal.  I don't consider a deal closed unless there 
is a signed contract and money sitting in my account.  I don't accept 
personal checks.  As a seller, I've been screwed way too many times.  I do 
send out a contract immediately, via email if possible, and request $100-$500 
deposit (depending on the amount of the horse) upon the signing of the 
contract.  That deposit is non-refundable.

I do, however, explain all this immediately.  If someone offers me more money 
before there is a deposit on the horse, then yes, I will sell that horse to 
the person offering more money....or give the initial party the opportunity 
to match the price.  But....I would tell the truth.

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