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Re: another saddle fit question

The most complete, exhaustive treatment of saddle fitting that I've ever come across, BY FAR, is "Saddle Fitting:  How to select the right saddle to fit you and your horse.  By William G. Langdon, Jr., P.O. Box 201, Colbert, Washington  99005 (1997).  Covers Western, English, balanced ride theory, testing for fit in different ways, where the cinch should fit in relation to the saddle location, etc.  He says the back of the saddle bars should not extend past the curve of the last rib, about 8" off the spine.
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From: Michelle Rowe <>
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Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 12:47 PM
Subject: RC: another saddle fit question

Hi  -
Does anyone know a guideline for determining the correct panel length on a saddle for a horse?  I am looking for a accurate way to determine the correct and max. panel length.   For example, should the saddle panels be allowed to go past the horse's last rib?  Past his flank (I thought not, but don't really know)?
Thanks in advance -
ps.  Sorry my earlier post went through 3 times.  My isp's mail server was being flaky.

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