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Re: Blonde jokes

Some blonde may be recessive, but not all.  Fact:  Pueblo-Navajo mother,
German father-very very blonde haired baby boy.  Fact:  Dark haired
Cherokee-Irish mother-Irish father-9 blonde and red-haired children, 20
blonde grandchildren, 2 dark haired grandchildren.
    Just thought I'd save you some worry.
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Date: Tuesday, October 05, 1999 12:27 PM
Subject: RC: Blonde jokes

>Heard on the radio today, that blonde hair is recessive and that
>the true blonde will be come extinct, due to the fact of all the darker
>haired and darker skinned people marring the blondes.
>There was no time frame mentioned.
>central Florida
>On Mon, 04 Oct 1999 21:33:25 -0600 Lif Strand <>
>> OK, so what I want to know is how this blond joke thing started...
>> and
>> why it has to be blond women?  Can we get serious here and ask if
>> this
>> is genetic?  Or what?
>> Lif (not blond, phew! but worrying that a few grey hairs might begin
>> to
>> look like blond from a distance)
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