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Re: Nicholson's Grand Canyon North Rim Ride

I enjoyed your description of this ride.  I can't wait 'til the boys and I
are ready to try.  I would have loved more detail, but what you gave us was
interesting and inviting.
N. Ca

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> Dave provided plenty of water at basecamps, along the trail (he would
> pre-position barrels at key points), and the coordination between his team
> was marvelous.
>     Saturday's trail was a climb up to the Kaibab Plateau from a basin
> outside Fredonia, Arizona.  The climb was short but very steep.  I left a
> lung along the trail someplace...oh well.
>     The trail was then gentle grades, up and down through bright golden
> aspens, rusty wild oak, locust and pine.
>     The footing was everything from perfect to rocky...your manner of
> dictated just what impact it would have on your horse.
>     I had no crew.  But my crew bag (Lovell of Mack) awaited me at each VC
> without fail...then, was awaiting me upon my return to basecamp.
>     Lunch was provided every day by LaVonne Booth (Tuna salad, turkey and
> sandwich, BBQ beef sandwich, tomatoes, candy bars, Raspberry Kool-aid, hot
> dogs) so all a rider had to do was show up, take care of your horse and
> LaVonne would take care of you.
>     The Vet checks were run well (Barney Fleming).
>     I believe somewhere around 72 riders started on Saturday and the
> saw some riders ride one horse all three days, and some ride a couple
> different horses.
> I believe around 30 horses did all three days.
>     Annie Nicholson provided dinner each night (eight bucks)...LaSagna,
> Poultry and BAKED HAMS with all kinds of veggies.  (Dave even made one
> oven of blueberry cobbler).
>     I plan on attending next year.
>     I still don't believe the Grand Canyon is real.
>     The trail goes out on many points to within a few feet of the edge
> Rainbow Rim and, for me, it was difficult to believe it was real.
> Forboding.  Eternal.
> Saw a flock of wild turkeys checking out Cherie Briscoe and her
> stallion...interesting.
>     Dave had a flatbed trailer hauled to three different basecamps with
> portapotties, one back seat from an old Buick and two SHOWERS WITH HOT
> WATER!!!
>     What a guy.
>     This ride was a class act, the trail was well marked with concisely
> prepared maps and narrative with accurate distances.
>     It was frigid two nights, just "cold" one and the days were
> mild with the purest air I may have ever breathed.
>     A roaring fire capped each night, around which many sat and stared
> what remained of the day slipped into a frosty chill in search of heavy
> flannel.
>     In closing, as is usually the case, the trail could be as hard or as
> as the rider chose to make it.
> Frank Solano.
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