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Re: Self defense while riding

Where is it that all you guys ride?  i have never in 20 years of riding had
anyone approach me in the manners described in this thread. I have ridden in
New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, so is your problem mainly a surburban thing?
or do some of you live in the sticks like me?
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Sent: October 12, 1999 9:39 PM
Subject: RC: Self defense while riding

> While I'm not likely to ever carry a gun out riding, there's no question
> but that there are some mighty strange people out on the loose nowadays.
>  Here's what I suggest:  Carry one of those throw-away cameras.    Do not
> EVER let a stranger get within grabbing distance of your horse's head and
> bridle.  If they approach, turn so that you present the flank or
> hindquarters to whomever.    If  someone manages to grab the bridle or
> reins anyway,  do a tight circle with your horse AWAY from the person --
> s/he will have to let go.
>       DO NOT, as one recent post suggested you do, DO NOT EVER  turn
> towards the person; if your horse should step on them, or even bump them
> with his head/shoulders,  you are then liable for assault and can be sued
> for punitive damages, medical bills,  and so forth.  DO NOT act out of
> anger!  Do not even think of trying to "ride them down" a la western
> movie.  Do EVERYTHING you can to GET AWAY without going on the offensive.
>   Forget Arnold Schwartznegger, forget being the hero(ine), just  back
> off.    Scream, yell, whatever, but circle away!  I have just finished
> with a court trial on this where I was falsely accused of assault (and
> the jury voted 12-0 in my favor, not guilty).   Believe me,  you DO NOT
> WANT the kind of turmoil that comes from this sort of litigation.   Then,
> SPLIT the scene and as soon as you can,  report to the appropriate
> agency.   Regards,   Connie B
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