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Re: RC: Cell Phones

I'm not surprised so many people ride with cell phones, but I am surprised
that so many keep them turned on and receive calls while riding. I always
ride with my phone  but never have the power on. If I have an emergency and
need to call for help I can, otherwise I don't want my ride time
interrupted or want to hear a cell phone ring when I am out in the woods
enjoying nature and my horse.

Pam in MA

I hadn't considered them as a deterrent from human issues, only in the sense
>of trail accidents. They are a great tool for use as long as you are in an
>area with reception. I ALWAYS carry my cellphone with me -- any kind of
>disaster can happen when you're riding alone and it gives a feeling of some
>Of course, you've gotta think about how to carry it -- not on the horse,
>after all, if the horse dumps you and bolts -- you can't very well ask him
>to call for help (the number pads on the cellphones are just a bit small for
>their hooves to tap correctly).... I carry mine on a belt clip -- then of
>course you worry that that's the side you'll land on and smash it........
> ....and like Marianne, the phone ALWAYS rings when I'm riding. Doesn't
>bother either of the horses, but the caller often gets the wrong idea
>hearing a panting female...... anyone who knows me believes me when I tell
>them I'm actually cantering down a trail horseback, it's the other folks who
>would like to place a very different interpretation on it!
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