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Re: Killer Bees

Here's a kind of (now that I look back) funny kind of story about bees that
happened to Nelson and I this summer.  We were trimming/shoeing at a farm
under a tree because it was shady.  Nice, sunny day.  I kept hearing a
funny hum and I looked around the field nearby thinking it must be a
bumblebee or a few honey bees getting into clover blossoms. Nope.  I didn't
think much about it but then the hum was louder and I remember thinking
"Silly me!  It must be the power lines!".  Only there weren't any!  I
finally looked UP and to the east and you could SEE the cloud of bees
swarming and guess where they were headed??  Straight for us.  We couldn't
believe it at first.  We barely got the horse out of there and the windows
shut on the truck...poor Nelson didn't know if he could make it to the barn
so he shut himself in the truck.  They proceeded to swarm into the tree and
eventually made a clump about the size of two basketballs.  It was
unbelievable.  None of us got stung.  The horses in the surrounding
paddocks and the stallion in the roundpen didn't even lift their heads up
from grazing!  We were able to get to our truck without any trouble when
they finished their clump and the client told us they moved on later that
day.  Their hive must have been disturbed and they were looking for
another. But boy, after all those stories and movies about killer bees it
was quite unnerving!!  :)  Still gives me the willies thinking about it
now!! But at least I can laugh (sort of!).  

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