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Re: RC: Selenium

Dear Liz,
    Adding a selenium supplement to my horse's diet (when on the track he had 
a history of tying up after workouts) and dropping alfalfa from it, going to 
primarily grass hay (timothy with a little red clover) took care of the tying 
up.  He hasn't done it since.
     Anecdotal evidence, but it worked for us.

<< I am interested in information about selenium, especially as relates to
 tying up.  Two vets I know and respect have opposite opinions.  One
 maintians that horses with low selenium levels are prone to the condition,
 the other says that there is no research to support this belief.  What are
 some of the other effects of low selenium?
 (Maybe we can get a bit of email.)

Trish & pretty David,
Grand Blanc, Michigan 
The butterflies there in the brush were romancing,
the smell of the grass caught your soul in a trance,
so why be a-fearing the spurs and the traces,
O broncho that would not be broken of dancing?
                                 -vachel lindsay-
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(all of which, btw, describes our ride 
this morning . . .)

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