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Re: Re: riding in the dark

> Here in the Southeast I assume that was a bobcat.  Of all the animals
> I've seen while riding, they're the most elusive.  Not to mention small.
> Don't think anything bigger than a rabbit need worry.  I'm perfectly
> happy to stay in the East where the bears are black and the cats are
> small.  You guys out west can guard the "true wilderness".  The only
> animal I'm scared of in the woods round here is a human.

Once in a while we ride out in the desert at night, but almost never run
into wild life. The wild dogs tend to go into the farmland to raid rubbish
dumps so we have the place to ourselves. Problem is convincing anyone here
it's much of a good idea. The fun part of animal meeting while riding in
Egypt is the daytime, when we often take the shortcut that goes by a little
hut with a few waterbuffalo, some donkeys, goats and geese. Or the time the
camel police (yeah! we've actually got them!) decided to stop me for a chat
and pulled up his camel nose to nose with Dorika. I was so ticked off at his
officious attitude that it took me a few minutes to realise how close we any closer and we'd be sitting on his lap.  I just took a deep
breath and backed her a few steps. She was a gem, not a shiver. I know
plenty of horses who would have taken off big time.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani and Dory (It was ok, but he smelled BAD!)
Cairo, Egypt

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