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Re: RC: Re: riding in the dark

> I heard a wild cat at longstreets this year(sure he sounded
>>>cool)but I have heard that an animal will go the other way at an
>>unfamiliar >sound.
>Here in the Southeast I assume that was a bobcat.  Of all the animals
>I've seen while riding, they're the most elusive.  Not to mention small.
>Don't think anything bigger than a rabbit need worry.  I'm perfectly
>happy to stay in the East where the bears are black and the cats are
>small.  You guys out west can guard the "true wilderness".  The only
>animal I'm scared of in the woods round here is a human.

My neighbor broke his arm when his horse spooked at a bobcat that jumped
out of a tree in front of them (it wasn't attacking -- *it* was spooked by
the human and horse) in broad daylight, right in our neighborhood.  So
night time/day time -- doesn't seem to matter.

What I worry about when riding at night are the skunks!  Even in moonlight
they are darned hard to see and they have no notion of veering off to the
side (If anything, they veer in the same direction as the horse or
pedestrian).  They don't attack (all my horses and dogs have current rabies
shots just in case) but they sure can raise a stink!

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)   Sage Hill NATRC CTR Ride

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