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ZZ Winter Rose is Gone

Terribely sad day here at the place - Audrey's sweet grey mare, Winter Rose 
(she was at MAnzanita) was euthanized this morning at 9:30 due to a ruptured 
intestine. While we don't know why this happened, we do know that we made the 
right choice for ROSE. She was so shockey that she was past rela pain. She 
clearly had BEEN in pain during the night since she was cut up and filthy. 

Audrey left for school this morning believing that mom would take care for 
Rose - she didn't know how bad off she was. Neither did I for that matter. We 
have to tell Audrey today that her mare - HER mare - is gone. 
I had not planned on falling in love with Audrey's horse - a cute little 
Gainey mare, not my usual Egyptian horses - huh! So if it is so bad for me I 
can only imagine how Auds will feel. Gary has said that perhaps the best 
therapy for Audrey would be to involve her in looking for another mare - she 
ahs none to ride now - for 4H, other than the old girl for the easy stuff. We 
have a coming 4 year old SE mare we are selling but clearly keeping ehr does 
not address the issue of Audrey - who has worked SO HARD to become the 
mistress of her own horse - having a good riding horse. What do you  all 
think? Clearly, we don't want to just go get ANY horse - and we weren't in 
the market really and didn't have $$ set aside. We just bought Rose last 

Anyone with any big ideas, now is a good time. You guys have always been 
there for everyone, and someone - many in fact - pop up with not only great 
ideas but comfort as well. Sheesh - 2 ratties, Our old Collie and now Rose - 
all in about 3 o 4 months. I wish that dark cloud over the place would leave. 
Thank gang!
sandy(who fell in love with Rose too!)

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