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Re: RC: How many horses is too many?

One horse is not enough, two is too many.
                 -old english saying-(which I have found to be true!)

<< I've been thinking about buying a second riding horse, but I wonder if 
it's realistic to try and condition 2 horses?  Plus I have a yearling that 
will need a bit more work next year.  On the other hand, I won't ride him 
until he's at least 3 and won't ride him in CTR for at least 3 more years.  
He also has popping stifles (upward fixation of the patella), and I am not 
sure he will realistically ever be a good LD horse.  
 I have 3 hours 7 days a week to horse around (of course, more than 3 hours 
on most weekends).  I work normal hours, no kids.  So how many horses is too 
many?  I'd hate to have to post a for sale ad next year because I overbooked 
myself, but I'd hate to end up not riding because my only riding horse was 
injured (or something to that effect).  I *know* my horse would benefit from 
having a couple months of turnout to grow out the holes in his hooves before 
next season.
 Advise appreciated - especially if you are juggling two horses.
 Thanks - 
 m >>

Trish & Tash (not enough) & pretty David (too many),
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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