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Re: Coexistance

In a message dated 10/7/99 12:32:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< We need a "horse poop is beautiful" campaign.

I couldn't agree more!  As far as the etiquette of meeting other trail users, 
I try to slow to a walk (or a controlled plunge, depending on the terrain) 
when I see hikers on the trail.  They are usually really nice and comment on 
the horse or the nice day.  I've been very lucky to only meet one nasty 
mountain biker in the past 10 years and THAT time I was hiking with my two 
labrador retrievers on a very narrow trail and the guy almost shoved them off 
the trail (trust me, he woulda followed them if he had).  I also met up with 
a woman hiker on a very narrow, switch back trail who was scared spitless of 
horses.  A true phobia.  I had to side-pass up an embankment and make Harca 
stand quietly so she could pass.  Her hysteria was semi-contagious (to me, 
but luckily not to Harca).  I felt very sorry for can you not LOVE 
horses??  (Let alone, their poop??).  Anyway, we are all sort of ambassadors 
for trail riding and it doesn't hurt to think about that once in a while, eh?


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