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Re: RC: Riding in the dark? (from a real blonde)

In a message dated 10/7/99 1:15:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< I just returned from a totally crummy ride in the dark.  I had
 to finish the last 3 miles depending on my horses eyes to make
 it back.  No, I did not think to take a flashlight. (blonde)
 My horse was VERY unhappy that I had her out past dark.
 Am I the only one goofey enough to go out in the woods in the
 dark to ride?  Or do most of you call it quits in the winter, or
 stick to lighted arenas?  Wish there were lights on the trails!>>


I agree with Sylvia, about a flashlight, but what I use is "Glow Sticks". Put 
them on your breast collar or anywhere for that matter, I wouldn't recommend 
on the head anywhere.  

Don't worry your not the only blonde out there... Even brunets have there

Happy trails
Jinnifer & Savage (hey mom waiting for my dinner :0)  )

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