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Re: RC: Trail cutters

I have also witnessed this and it is very distressing.  After all we are on 
our honor out on the trail.  The situation I encountered involved about six 
people.  We were riding in a group and blew past a well marked turn.  When we 
discovered the mistake we were about 1/2 mile out.  Everyone stopped to 
decide what to do.  I said the rule book states that when you get off course 
you must return to the place that you got off course and continue from there 
- riding the trail in the direction and as marked.  One rider knew the area 
and opted to cut trail.  The remainder of us returned and did as the rule 
book stated.  I was very upset especially since the rider that cut trail 
finished about 30 minutes ahead of us.  She only finished in about 20th 
place.  I often wished afterwards that I had gone to ride management about 
it, but I didn't.  I did confront the rider and told her that if I saw her 
doing it again I would notify ride management.  If she had top tenned I would 
have done so that day.  Every so often I see that this same rider finishes 
rather highly on rides in the area that she knows or rides often.  Makes me 


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